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This is a page for Nathaniel Hawthorne students, specifically of the class 723. I will post the daily homework/reminders, as well as a certain event for every specific weekday.
Monday- Nature Monday (Cool looking nature pictures will be posted, after all, it doesn’t look like you’re getting off this electronic if I told you to go look at nature.)
Tuesday- Tumblr Tuesday (I will post funny(maybe?) posts or posts that I feel like I should share that are from Tumblr.)
Wednesday- Would You Rather Wednesday (I will post would you rathers in forms of polls, give suggestions whenever!)
Thursday- Ask The War Hawks Thursday (It will be almost like an advice column, except I give out not-so-serious War Hawk-like advice that you probably shouldn’t follow.)
Friday- Music Mania Friday (Credit to Dr. Fun for the original idea, but I will post a song or two every Friday. It doesn’t mean you NEED to like it. Also, give me song suggestions whenever!)

Sunday- Stupid Jokes Sunday (I will post stupid jokes.)
Give me any suggestions on what more to add, or what to take out, and I’ll consider it!
~Bella Lin, Official Admin

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