Monday, March 31, 2014

Note For This Week

Due to the Statewide Tests, there will be no event of the day for this week. I need to seriously catch up on my sleep as well as my life outside of this website. Sorry to disappoint.

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

P.S. I will start making arrangements for moderators, but only if it is possible.

Reminders- March 31, 2014


Homework- March 31, 2014

ELA- Relax tonight- get sleep, eat a good breakfast. Bring Cat and The Coffee Drinks on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stupid Jokes Sunday

Olympic gymnast walks into a bar, she doesn’t get a medal.

Two drums and a cymbal fall off a truck.
Badum TSSS

I stayed up all night to see where the sun went. Then it dawned on me.

Broken pencils are pointless.

I wondered why the ball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!

I used to be a banker, but then I lost interest.

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Friday, March 28, 2014

Music Mania Friday

Okay so the first song I shall put up is a popular song as of now, but you may or may not have heard it.

Song: All Of Me by John Legend

This next song was requested to some extent, and I feel like it is too under appreciated. 

Song: The Only Exception by Paramore

Another request, and I believe that you all should listen to it!

Song: Find You by Zedd

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- March 28, 2014

ELA State Test is on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Remember to get lots of rest and don't stay up too late! 

Homework- March 28, 2014

ELA- pg 93-101 in thin blue book due Monday.
Science- Read pages 190-194 and 203-204. Outline these pages.
Social Studies- p395 #1, 2, 3 (All letters)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ask The War Hawks Thursday

[DISCLAIMER: Not actual good advice. Do not follow. Merely for entertainment. Also, the problems are made up.] 

Anon: My dog keeps peeing on my stuff and when I scold him, he just pees more. How can I make him stop?

War Hawk Advisor: Well, judging from what you wrote, your dog is a male. The solution is actually very simple if you follow the following steps. First, get a small pillow about the size of your dog that you don't need anymore. Get duct tape and tape it under the dog. Remember to wrap the tape at least 10 times around the body! Tape up every opening so that the pee will be trapped there. Now he won't pee on your stuff anymore! (Optional: Change the pillow every so often, but remember to rip the tape off fast. Your dog needs some punishment too!)

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- March 27, 2014

Science- Read pages 190-194 and 203-204 in the Blue Textbook. Outline these pages. Due on Monday 3/31.

Homework- March 27, 2014

Science- Read pages 490-495 Answer questions on p 495 #1-5
Social Studies- Type your On Demand Essay.
ELA- In thin blue book, do pgs 81-92. Bring thin blue book tomorrow.
Tarea #1(New Marking Period)- Texto. Pagina 137. Actividad 20. ¿Comprendes? What's for breakfast?¿Qué hay en(**para) el desayuno?
Math- Test tomorrow. Do Test Review Worksheet (optional). Answers will be posted on skedula by Mr. Getzel.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Would You Rather Wednesday

Reminders- March 26, 2014

Math- Test on Friday on probability. A.M. Review also on Friday.
Science- If you bring in your Earth Day project before the end of the month, you get extra 5 points.

Homework- March 26, 2014

Math- (Not sure if this is mandatory) Finish Workbook pages 296-301
Tarea #32- Texto. Pagina 133. Actividad 14. Escribe el párrafo completo.
Science- Finish the "What am I?" sheet from class. Attach to your notebook.
ELA- In thin blue book do Question 70 on page 51. Bring thin blue book tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trickster Tuesday

You guys can live without a day of Trickster Tuesday. I MEAN, GO DO THAT UNICEF TAP WATER PROJECT PLEASE.

Reminders- March 25, 2014

Math- Test on Friday

Homework- March 25, 2014

Tarea #31- Write 5 sentences in English/Spanish using "ir" verbs and the new vocabulary
Science- p482-489 #1-4
Math- Worksheet
ELA- Nonfiction Response due tomorrow

Monday, March 24, 2014

Nature Monday

^Can you believe that this is in Thailand?^

^I would love to spend winter in Canada...^

^Mother Nature loves Ireland, doesn't she?^

^I would live in Australia if it weren't for the scary creatures...^

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- March 24, 2014

Math- Test on Friday- Probability
ELA- Nonfiction response due 3/26
Science- Please bring back Chap 15 Test signed by your parent/guardian.

Homework- March 24, 2014

Math- Worksheet
ELA- Write an objective summary for Chat and the Coffee Drinkers. Continue going on I-ready lessons.
Social Studies- p389 #1+2
Science- Read pages 464-469. On page 469 Answer #1-5.
Tarea #30- Copy vocabulary words from Chapter 3b in your notebook. On looseleaf, write 3 questions about breakfast or lunch.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stupid Jokes Sunday

“Knock knock” “Who’s there?” “Europe” “Europe who?” “No you’re a poo!”

Wanna hear two short jokes and a long joke? Joke joke jooooke.

Three tomatoes are walking down the street. A papa tomato, a mama tomato, and a baby tomato. The baby tomato starts falling behind so the papa tomato squishes him and says, “Ketchup.”

What did the buffalo said to his son when he dropped him off at school? Bi-son.

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Friday, March 21, 2014

Music Mania Friday

This first song is quite a popular song, but who knows if you'll like it?

Song: Dark Horse by Katy Perry

This next song is one of my favorites, and maybe it might be yours, too!

Song: Demons by Imagine Dragons

The last one is a song that I just discovered, and I doubt any of you have ever heard this, but I like it.

Song: Bloom by The Paper Kites

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- March 21, 2014

ELA- Bring #2 pencils in on Monday. Nonfiction Response due 3/26

Homework- March 21, 2014

ELA- Do pg 72-76 in the Ready Book
Tarea #29- Workbook pgs 49 & 51
Science- Write a movie review for Fantastic Voyage
Math- A bag has 6 red marbles, 4 blue, and 2 yellow. Create and solve 5 problems involving independent events.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ask The War Hawks Thursday

[DISCLAIMER: Not actual good advice. Do not follow. Merely for entertainment. Also, the problems are made up.]

Anon: I lost all my electronics!! What do I do?

War Hawk Advisor: ...what exactly are you using to submit this problem?  A POTATO?

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- March 20, 2014

ELA- Nonfiction response due 3/26
Math- Test NEXT Friday on Probability.

Homework- March 20, 2014

Science- p458-464 #1-5
ELA- p64-68 in the Ready Book. Continue going on I-ready lessons.
Math- Workbook p312-316
Tarea #28- Answer the following question in one paragraph: ¿Qué comes y bebes en el almuerzo?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Trickster Tuesday

Because of how much of a trickster I am, this won't contain any pictures. Instead, this will contain a way to provide clean water to people who don't have the said clean water. Unfortunately for some of you, you need a phone. I'm not sure if it HAS to be an iPhone, but you can try anyway. Go on safari or whatever your phone uses and go to the link that I will attach below. UNICEF Tap Project is working to help the 768 million people around the world without access to clean water. This year you can help by taking a challenge to give up access to something far less vital than water–your cell phone. For every 10 minutes you don't touch your phone, Giorgio Armani Fragrances and other generous donors can fund one day of clean water for a child in need. Ten minutes. That's all I ask. Hopefully you guys will find the heart in you to give those who are in need while we take for granted what is provided to us every day of our lives.

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- March 18, 2014

ELA- Nonfiction Response due 3/26

Homework- March 18, 2014

Tarea #26- Write the 2nd paragraph of your project. Textbook page 128 activity 4.
Science- Textbook p446-450 Answer #1-5.
ELA- On unlined paper, create a Test-taking Game Plan for before, during, and after the test- include strategies, graphics- divide paper into 3rds due Thursday. Continue going on I-ready lessons.
Math- Workbook p282-284

Monday, March 17, 2014

Nature Monday

^I would love to visit this place.^

^Green, green, and more green! In the spirit of St. Patricks Day!^

^This is autumn in the Scottish Highlands...^

^This is a beautiful sunset, but it could be interpreted as a sunrise to others.^

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- March 17, 2014

ELA- Nonfiction Response due 3/26

Homework- March 17, 2014

ELA- Continue going on I-ready lessons. Answer the 4 self assessment questions on looseleaf.
1) How did having the rubric help you in writing your response?
2) How did looking at model responses help you in understanding what is expected in a SCR?
3) What strengths did your SCR have?
4) What improvements would you need to make to your SCR?
Social Studies- p373-374 #11a, c; 12b; 13a, c; 14c
Tarea #25- 1. Copy your new vocabulary words in your notebook p144.
2. Write the first paragraph of your project.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


It has been brought to my attention that people are ignoring the rules and continuing to impersonate others. I am disappointed that some of you cannot handle such simple instructions. I cannot continue to be so kind as to only kick or ban for a couple of hours. The next person I catch impersonating will suffer a permanent ban. If this impersonation business continues, I will have no choice but to take down the chat box. I made this website and added a chat box because I thought you guys were mature enough to handle it. This website can and will become increasingly boring if you guys don't follow the rules. I won't spend time to manage this website and help you guys if all you are going to do is stir up more trouble and work for me. Yes, I am aware that it is not all of you, but I need this nonsense to stop. Contrary to popular belief, I am a busy person and I can't spend all my time trying to fix every little problem. I hope you all will remind each other of these simple rules that I have asked you to follow. Just remember, I can and will take down the chat box if it comes down to that. I am hoping for you guys to not make me resort to that option.

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Stupid Jokes Sunday

Q: Why can’t you hear a Pterodactyl go to the bathroom? A: Because the P is silent.

What do you call a Labrador that becomes a magician? A Labracadabrador!

A guy walks into a bar and sees 3 pieces of meat hanging from the ceiling. The guy asks, “What’s this about?” The bartender replies, “Well, if you can jump up and slap the meat, you get free drinks for the rest of the night. If you miss, you pay for everyone’s drinks for the next hour. You wanna do it?” The guy replies, “Nah, the steaks are too high.”

Why do seagulls live by the sea? Because if they lived by the bay they’d be bagels!

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Friday, March 14, 2014

Music Mania Friday

I got positive feedback for The Script, and so why not put another one of their songs up?

Song: Breakeven by The Script

The next song is just because someone happened to reignite my love for it.

Song: Yellow by Coldplay

This seems like a whole band post, therefore this next one will also be by a band.

Song: Be Your Everything by Boys Like Girls

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- March 14, 2014

ELA- Nonfiction Response due 3/26
Science- Test on Chapter 15 on 3/17
Math- Test on Monday.
Social Studies- Political Cartoon due on Monday.

Homework- March 14, 2014

ELA- Continue going on I-ready lessons. Finish up prompt from today(not sure if that's mandatory).
Answer Question: How did having a rubric help you in writing the SCR? - on looseleaf

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ask the War Hawks Thursday

[DISCLAIMER: Not actual good advice. Do not follow. Merely for entertainment. Also, the problems are made up.]

Anon: I'm having trouble with coping with anger. What should I do?

War Hawk Advisor: Well, you could take a deep breath. And then scream at the top of your lungs at strangers in a mall, or a very populated area. Then proceed to throw pillows in Sleepy's at the workers and jump on all the beds. Hope that helps...

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- March 13, 2014

Science- Test on Chapter 15 on 3/17
ELA- Nonfiction Response due 3/26
Math- Test on Monday. A.M. Review tomorrow.

Homework- March 13, 2014

Science- Review Sheet
ELA- p134-136 in Ready Book. Continue going on I-ready lessons
Math- Do performance task
Tarea #24- Workbook p40-48

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Would You Rather Wednesday

Reminders- March 12, 2014

Spanish- Test on Friday on Chapter 2B.
Math- Quiz on Friday.
ELA- Nonfiction Response due 3/26.

Homework- March 12, 2014

Social Studies- p369 #1+2
Tarea #23- Pagina 112. Actividad 20. Look at the model for guidance.
Science- Download free apps about the heart or circulatory system and study what we learned today. Write a reflection about the app by writing a review. Include: a) Positive aspects of the app. b) Negative aspects of the app. c) Would you recommend this app?
ELA- Continue going on I-ready lessons
Math- Workbook pages 274-279

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Trickster Tuesday

^Just imagine how annoying trying to get every single butterfly to be perfect.^

^One of the better 3-D street art I've seen.^

^Incredible shot of a swimmer who is above the surface, but hasn't broke the water tension.^

^I found this and was amazed.^

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- March 11, 2014

Spanish- Test on Friday 3/14.
Math- Quiz on Friday. Pi Day on Friday.

Homework- March 11, 2014

Tarea #22- Textbook pages 114- 115. ¿Comprendes? Question and answer. Try to answer in Spanish where possible.
Science- Read pages 428-433. Answer questions #1-4. Test signed.
ELA- Ready book p126-128. Fiction response due tomorrow. Next 2 I-Ready lessons due tomorrow.
Social Studies- p358-363 in textbook. Write outside margins.
Math- Workbook p348-349

Monday, March 10, 2014

Nature Monday

^This is an amazing underground home.^

^This is the Milky Way over Australia. Cool, huh?^

^I definitely want to visit Norway after seeing this.^

^This is the Philippines. Can I go?^

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- March 10, 2014

Math- Quiz on Friday- Statistics
Science- Chapter 15 Test on 3/17
Spanish- Test on Wednesday, 3/12.

Homework- March 10, 2014

Math- Sign your quiz due tomorrow. Workbook pages 336- 341
ELA- Fiction Response due 3/12. Next 2 I-Ready lessons by Wednesday 3/12.
Science- p418-426 #1-5
Tarea #21- Write 5 questions pertaining to your classroom. Use location/estar.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stupid Jokes Sunday

Why does a chicken coop have 2 doors? Because, if it had 4 doors it would be chicken sedan.

A photon checks into a hotel and is asked if he needs any help with his luggage. “No thanks, I’m traveling light.”

Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field.

What kind of concert only costs 45 cents? 50 cent featuring Nickelback.

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Friday, March 7, 2014

Music Mania Friday

Okay so the first song is actually a really sad song, and it has a sad music video to go with it. However, I think it's brilliant.

Song: The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script

This next song was a suggestion, and I think that his voice is very unique. Check it out!

Song: Love Me Again by John Newman

This boy band was popular not too long ago, and still kind of is, but I like this song. I like their music, but not one of those crazy fans.

Song: All Over Again by Big Time Rush

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- March 7, 2014

ELA- Vocabulary Unit 5 Test on Monday.
Spanish- Examen el martes capitulo 2B

Homework- March 7, 2014

ELA- Junior Scholastic- Read "China's Big Move" and "Chimpanzees" - Write a 1 page summary/reaction for each due 3/10. Fiction Response due 3/12. Next 2 I-Ready lessons by Wednesday 3/12.
Tarea #20- Handout
Science- Science World- Do Current Events on Henrietta. USE TEMPLATE (link to template below)
Math- Worksheet

CODE G or J: Graphic Art- Doodle 4 Google- If I Could Invent One Thing to Make the World a Better Place

Current Events Template

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ask the War Hawks Thursday

[DISCLAIMER: Not actual good advice. Do not follow. Merely for entertainment. Also, the problems are made up.]

Anon: Mr. O' Flanagan wouldn't tell my class where he's from. How do I get the answer from him?

War Hawk Advisor: Well you should probably throw your homework at him and keep chanting "Tell us!" and if he still doesn't, throw your binders at him. Or maybe you could even go find his official records somewhere and find it and rip it up afterwards so NOBODY COULD EVER FIND OUT LATER ON AND ONLY YOU WOULD KNOW MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- March 6, 2014

ELA- Vocabulary Test Unit 5 on Monday 3/10.
Spanish- Examen el martes capitulo 2B.

Homework- March 6, 2014

Social Studies- p354- 357 Summarize/Write outside of the margins
ELA- Junior Scholastic- Read "China's Big Move" and "Chimpanzees" - Write a 1 page summary/reaction for each due 3/10. Fiction Response due 3/12.
Math- Worksheet
Tarea #19- Workbook pgs 43, 44, 46. Finish classwork 2 paragraphs.
Science- Tree Notebook up to February due tomorrow

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reminders- March 5, 2014

ELA- Vocabulary Test on Monday 3/10. Fiction Response due 3/12.
Science- Tree Notebooks completed up to Feb 2014 are due Mar 7.

Homework- March 5, 2014

Social Studies- page 353 #1+ 2
Math- Worksheet
Tarea #18- Handout. Affix to your looseleaf.
ELA- NY Ready Book p24- 26

Would You Rather Wednesday

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Trickster Tuesday

^A hand drawing a hand that drew a hand that drew a hand that is drawing a hand.^

^Oh no! The ice-cream truck!^

^I would love to live in this town.^

^Perfect timing. Or, is it?^

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- March 4, 2014

ELA- Fiction Response due 3/12.
Science- Look on Edmodo for test note taking sheet. Complete sheets-only topics on the test. No ear or eye diagram. Sheets are upside down from scanning. When printing, this won't matter. There is an icon to the left that will turning if your not printing. Look on your computer for the same icon. To get sheet, click the link below.

Sheets for assignment

Homework- March 4, 2014

Tarea #17- Write 5 sentences with estar (location) [Spanish and English]
ELA- Do pages 92-94 NY Ready Book due tomorrow
Social Studies- page 349 #1+2
Math- Workbook p330-335

Monday, March 3, 2014

Reminders- March 3, 2014

ELA- Junior Scholastic- Read "Road Trip" and "Harlem Renaissance" - Write a 1 page summary/reaction for each due 3/5. Fiction Response due 3/12.
Social Studies- Test tomorrow
Science- Test on Thursday 3/6. Chapter 14 Green Book. Tree Notebooks completed up to Feb 2014 are due Mar 7.

Homework- March 3, 2014

Math- Workbook pg 248- 253
Science- Complete poll and post one comment about the usefulness of the Template for the Lab Report [On Edmodo]

Nature Monday

^This is the Glen Canyon in Utah. Woah.^

^The water looks like it changes color once you get far enough..^

^This beautiful scene is in Virginia. Way cooler than our cities.^

^These are Lenticular clouds in Hawaii. Can't say I've seen that before.^

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stupid Jokes Sunday

A length of rope walks into a bar. The bartender looks at him and says “get out, we don’t serve ropes in here!” The rope goes outside and cuts himself in half and ties his two sections together. Not pleased with his appearance, he takes a comb and combs out his ends. He walks back into the bar and the bartender says “hey, aren’t you that rope I just kicked out?” And the rope replied “no, I’m a frayed knot.”

~Bella Lin, Official Admin