Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Reminders- April 30, 2014

ELA- Graphic Organizer for Unit 6 Vocabulary due on Friday.


Homework- April 30, 2014

Tarea #10- Finish and type up your paragraph from class.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Reminders- April 29, 2014


Homework- April 29, 2014

ELA- Write objective summary/reaction to "Bristol Sisters" article due tomorrow.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Music Mania Friday

This song was a suggestion from two weeks ago. I think that it is a nice song, but it's up to you to listen to it!

Song: Beating Heart by Ellie Goulding

This next song was a song that was recommended to me from a close friend of mine, and I thoroughly enjoy this song. It is underrated, but still amazing.

Song: Once in a Lifetime by Landon Austin

The last song is a song recommended to me by tons of people, so I decided to give it a go. It's a sad but great song. 

Song: Human by Christina Perri

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- April 25, 2014

ELA- Nonfiction Response due 5/13.
Science- Test on Monday.

Homework- April 25, 2014

ELA- Finish SCR due Monday. SCR Prompt: Which character behaved in the most immoral/unethical way in "I Just Kept on Smiling"? Use two pieces of text evidence to support your claim. Use at least 1 vocabulary word from Unit 6.
Tarea #8- Copy 4A vocabulary in your notebook on page 194.
Social Studies- p423 #1+2

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ask The War Hawks Thursday

[DISCLAIMER: Not actual good advice. Do not follow. Merely for entertainment. Also, the problems are made up.]

Anon: I forgot my best friend's birthday and now my best friend hates me. What do I do?

War Hawk Advisor: Shove cake in your best friend's face, and yell "HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!" at their face. If they don't respond positively, casually smash another cake onto their face and walk away like a boss.

Reminders- April 24, 2014

Science- Study for Quiz on Monday.
Social Studies- Test tomorrow.
Spanish- Examen maƱana.

Crazy Hat Day is tomorrow!

Homework- April 24, 2014

Science- Notetaking Worksheet due tomorrow.
ELA- Vocabulary Unit 6- pages 75-78 due tomorrow. Fiction Response due tomorrow.
Tarea #7- Handout (Answer questions on a separate sheet.)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nature Monday

^Iceland is its own winter wonderland!^

^This is in Eternal Shores, Ireland. I find it majestic and eternal, like a unicorn.^

^The Blue Lagoon is very blue, don't you think?^

^Box Canyon Falls in Colorado is probably someone's secret hideout. Maybe.^

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- April 23, 2014

Social Studies- Study for the test
Spanish- Study for Quiz on Friday
Science- Study for Quiz. Notetaking Worksheet due on Friday on Edmodo.
ELA- Vocabulary Unit 6- pages 75-78 due Friday. Fiction Response due Friday.

Homework- April 23, 2014

Science- Earth Day Project due tomorrow.
ELA- Answer following questions for tomorrow on looseleaf.
1) What does the narrator mean when he says his smile "makes people think twice"? (pg 103)
2) Why does the narrator spend time with Nicky Carver?
3) Why is the narrator furious when Nicky turns himself in?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ask The War Hawks Thursday

[DISCLAIMER: Not actual good advice. Do not follow. Merely for entertainment. Also, the problems are made up.]

Anon: There are so many tests this week and I'm so stressed out! What do I do?

War Hawk Advisor: Cry about it to your parents. Eat some ice cream while watching sad movies. Do anything but study, because that would totally ruin your whole "Don't think about the tests" experiment. Now, if this doesn't work, I suggest you fly over to Hawaii and tan for a while. Bonus if you miss the tests completely due to your little "vacation". Nothing more to worry about... you know, except maybe your grades.

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- April 10, 2014

ELA- Fiction response due 4/25
Spanish- Listening and writing test on 4/25
Science- Earth Day assignment due 4/25.

Homework- April 10, 2014

Math- Complete the rest of Test 2 for Spring Break. Book 2 and 3 pages 62-88
Tarea #6- Listen to the program on the computer. Do the review at the end of Chapter 3A and 3B.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Would You Rather Wednesday

Reminders- April 9, 2014

Spanish- Test tomorrow on 3A and 3B.
Science- Chapter 17 Quiz tomorrow.

Homework- April 9, 2014

Math- In thin blue book, do #5, 13, 33, 38, 50, and 74
Tarea #5- Do your partner's cloze paragraph. Workbook pages 56, 57, 65, and 66.
ELA- Write a 1 paragraph summary 2 paragraph reaction to the story. Remember to bring it(the story) back to school tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Trickster Tuesday

^No papers are actually standing up. Your eyes are telling lies!^

^This building never ceases to confuse me.^

^Guess what? The floor is completely concrete.^

^Take a good look. The circles are actually all round.^

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- April 8, 2014

Spanish- Test on Thursday
Science- Quiz on Chapter 17 on Thursday
Social Studies- (not sure) Test tomorrow or Thursday?

Homework- April 8, 2014

Tarea #4- Create a cloze paragraph where verbs must be chosen and conjugated.
ELA- Answer in 1 paragraph: What are some reasons (other than need) that people might steal things?
Social Studies- p419 #1+2

Monday, April 7, 2014

Nature Monday

^This is so beautiful that I'm doubting its existence.^

^Russia is gorgeous, I swear.^

^This is a forest in Germany. Why would anyone want to burn such a beautiful place?^

^Not exactly nature, but Manchester, England is still beautiful with its winter scenes.^

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Reminders- April 7, 2014

ELA- Fiction Response due 4/25.
Science- Quiz tomorrow on Chapter 16. Chapter 17 Quiz will be on Thursday, April 10.
Spanish- Test on Thursday

Homework- April 7, 2014

ELA- Read "After Mandela" and "Crash Test Mummy". Write 1 paragraph summary and 2 paragraph reaction due tomorrow.
Tarea #4- Escriban 6 oraciones -2 ar -2 er -2 ir. Also, finish final copy of your company logo on white paper along with your names.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


I have figured out a system in which I could put moderators onto this website, however, this requires your cooperation. First of all, if you know that I don't trust you, you probably have a low chance of being appointed into a mod. Below is a list of requirements in order to request moderator status.

Requirements Needed For Moderator Status:
1) You need to be a trustworthy person.
2) You have been banned no more than once in the chat box.
3) You need to know how to write up posts in the correct format(homeworks, reminders, daily events, etc.) as well as remember to copy all homework and reminders for the day.
4) You need to be good at following instructions.
5) You need to know when to kick/ban someone and how to properly control the chat box.
6) You need to remember to sign "~(insert your name), Moderator" after all daily events you posted. 
7) You must have a Google Account, or this won't work. 
8) You still have to follow the rules.
9) You cannot share moderator status with anyone other than yourself.
10) Remember that I still have the power to de-mod you as well as ban you on the chat box.

Yes, I realize that this is a lot of requirements, but they don't ask much of you. Remember that moderator status only allows you to write and edit your OWN posts. The only time I need to you write up a post is when it is after 5:00PM on a weekday and I have not posted the homework yet. Under those circumstances, you have my permission to post the homework and reminders as well as the daily event, if you know how the format for that specific event is like. If you fit all requirements(I will be checking), you may hand me a slip of paper with your name, email address(NOT YOUR PASSWORD!!), and why you should become a moderator(this, of course, is optional, however it may convince me if well written). This slip of paper will be given to me, in person, no later than April 25. However, the sooner you give it to me, the sooner you may become a moderator. 

Note: This whole notice will be posted on the sidebar as a reminder just in case you cannot find this post later on. Thank you for your cooperation.

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Stupid Jokes Sunday

My dog has no nose. So how does he smell? Awful.

Why was the ant so confused? Because all of his Uncles were ants.

I invented a time machine next week.

What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary? A thesaurus.

I used to be a banker, but then I lost interest.

~Bella Lin, Official Admin

Friday, April 4, 2014

Reminders- April 4, 2014

Math- Quiz on Monday (in the Ready booklet)

Homework- April 4, 2014

ELA- Read "After Mandela" and "Crash Test Mummy". Write 1 paragraph summary and 2 paragraph reaction due Tuesday 4/8
Tarea #3- Pagina 137 Actividad 20
Science- Review sheets on Edmodo due Monday
Social Studies- p405 #1-3

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reminders- April 2, 2014

Tarea #2- Edit your project due Friday


Homework- April 2, 2014

Nothing. Just relax and calm down. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Reminders- April 1, 2014

Social Studies- p401 #1-3 due on Friday
Science- Notetaking Worksheets due on Monday

NOTE: These are actually real, it's not an April Fools Joke. 

Homework- April 1, 2014

Science- pgs 234-240 #1-5
Math- Workbook pgs 63-65
ELA- In case you haven't noticed, APRIL FOOLS, we have no homework. Now go relax you fool.