Monday, February 24, 2014

Homework- February 24, 2014

Math-  Mid-winter break packet. Show work on looseleaf for Multiple Choice.
ELA- Do pages 65-68 Unit 5 Vocabulary Book due Thursday 2/27
Nonfiction response due tomorrow (Link to document on the bottom.)
3 lessons on I-Ready due Wednesday
In a short constructive response- How does the song "Man in the Mirror" reflect our school's RFA initiative. Use a minimum of 2 details from your response due tomorrow.
Science- 8th Grade Textbook pg 306 #1-18. Write questions and answer.
Tarea # 13- Write 10 sentences with your new vocabulary words. Include a switcheroo. Do not include the location vocabulary words. Do not include plurals.

Nonfiction Response Link

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