Friday, February 14, 2014

Vacation Homework- February 14, 2014

ELA- Test Ready Book p3-18. Nonfiction Response due 2/24. I-Ready Next 3 lessons.
Science- Complete questions you are able to answer on the 8th Grade State Test-2010. Also, Read pages 282-301. Additionally assignments to follow.
Social Studies- p324 #1-3 p331 #1+2
Math- Vacation Packet
Tarea #12- Due 1st day back from break. Write two paragraphs about yourself: what do you like, what you do, what you are like. Second paragraph is about a friend. You must include at least 10 "ar" verbs conjugated your likes have to be about your schedule and your classes. Include all of the above. It must be typed and at least one page long (not double spaced).

For Code G: Draw: You are at a party with the President. (Any president in any time period. Be creative)

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